Budget For Love

Valentines Date Ideas on A Budget

Save Money & Have A Great Night! February 9, 2017

Save Money & Have A Great Night! Valentine’s Day is around the corner and in today’s economy we all want to know how we can make the day special for our significant other without breaking the bank. Here's how you can make the day special without emptying your bank account.

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2. Fire TV Stick/Netflix & Chill

With the Fire TV Stick or Netflix you have tons of movies available at your fingertips so why waste money going to the crowded movie theatre. While you’re watching your streaming content kick back, relax and enjoy a night filled with entertainment and money in your pocket.

3. Homemade Dinner & A Simple Gift

You can never go wrong cooking dinner for your love. On Valentine’s Day restaurants will be crowded and the service may be terrible. Don’t risk ruining your night and just stay home and fire up the oven. No need to speed hundreds on a gift if your bank account doesn’t support it. Simple gifts for your lover will keep them happy until the next gift giving holiday comes around. A simple gift could be a teddy bear, box of chocolates, perfectly worded card, or a gift card.

4. At Home Spa

Get the candles, bubble bath, massage oils, soothing music and enjoy a night of relaxation with love in the air. Your significant other will enjoy a splendid night of being pampered to while relaxing.

5. A Night of Love

You can never go wrong with planning a night of love for your boo. If the funds are not looking up, love making will keep your lovers mind off the fact you were not able to plan the perfect date night.

Take these tips and turn your Valentine's Day into the perfect night for you and your lover.

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