Bey Beyoncé VS Coachella

The Beyoncé Coachella Drama Continues

Will Fans Get A Show? February 9, 2017

Will Fans Get A Show? This is the question we all want to know. As we all know, last week Beyoncé set the internet on fire with her social media pregnancy announcement. That's right Beyoncé is pregnant again, this time with twins, and we all want to know will Beyoncé come through for the Beehive and give a stellar performance as the first female African American headliner of Coachella. The producers of Coachella were just as shocked when they received the news their biggest headliner ever is pregnant and may miss the show. Here are the facts: Beyoncé Coachella performance is scheduled for April 15th & 22nd of 2017. It's not clear how far along Beyoncé is, according to medical professionals, pregnant women begin to show around 12 to 16 weeks (2 1/2 to 4 months). If this timeframe is true for Beyoncé, that would place her possibly around 4 1/2 to 6 months during the scheduled performance. Imagine that, Beyoncé still slaying on stage at 6 months pregnant can you say pregnancy goals.

Beyoncé has had a long and outstanding career, we are sure if she performs, she will dazzle the fans with an amazing show to the best of her ability given the circumstances. If Beyoncé cannot perform maybe hubby Jay-z will fill in for her and rock the stage. Only time will tell so hang in there and hope for the best.

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